Bollinger Bands Service Update

On February 19th in the midst of one of the massive storms sweeping through Southern California this winter we experienced an outage, the result of which was extensive damage to our data infrastructure. While recovery is possible, we have been discussing some changes to our web services for quite some time and see this event as a catalyst for change.

I built my first website 20 years ago (EquityTrader). We rapidly built upon that foundation until we offered a full suite of analytical tools. We followed a hybrid model, making most of our analytics free while offering some subscription content. The original idea was that advertising would support the sites and subscription revenues would support our ongoing research and development. That worked for a long time. However, advertisers increasingly asked us to sell our users' personal data, which we refused to do on principle. At the same time the Googles of the world bid up programming talent. So ad sales dried up, costs rose, and the sites became increasingly less economic over time.

After careful consideration, we will no longer provide web-based analytics. It was a hard decision, but it is the right one. will be our main website and will offer Bollinger Bands related education, The Capital Growth Letter and updates on the related trading approaches like Ice Breaker, the ValueLine Plan and the ETF portfolios. We will continue to offer Bollinger Bands, the related indicators and analytics through our partners like TradeStation, MetaStock, NinjaTrader and eSignal. In fact, we plan to expand those offerings substantially and include new partners. Please visit for more information about the newsletter and the Bollinger Band Tool Kits.

It has been a long run and you have been good traveling companions, but there comes a time for change and this is it. I look forward to redirecting my time and energy to exploring new territory I can share with you. Thank you for your company.

If you are a subscriber please be on the lookout for an email from us regarding your account and access to an alternative service.

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You can get a copy of my 22 Rules for Bollinger Bands here: BB Rules

Our stock-market timing site,, remains open.

Our forex site,, remains open.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

John Bollinger